19 thoughts on “The Metal – Tenacious D

  1. whoever posted this thought we needed 2 minutes of silence at the end to appreciate this song….they were right

  2. well done. the silence bit gives you time to think after hearing the tune. its a good bit of time before the next song. good on ya! well done lads

  3. Was just listening to Dark are the Veils of Death by Candlemass, and pretty sure that’s where the main riff from this originated. Definitely a major influence on the D

  4. OneforEveryoneMUSIC “The Metal – er (shimmy, shimmy, boogie)” ….. You’ve been officially challenged Tenacious D… Lol

  5. Dubstep tried to kill the metal
    But they failed!
    As they were stricken down
    To the ground

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