The Monster Inside – Numb β˜… No Copyright Free Post-Hardcore Metal Music

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Track: The Monster Inside – Numb

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βž₯ The Monster Inside

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20 thoughts on “The Monster Inside – Numb β˜… No Copyright Free Post-Hardcore Metal Music

  1. Great song the riffs are cool.
    its great for Intro.
    and it sounds like skylt drive. great bridge to.

  2. This song is like if a middle schooler playing Roblox was a metal song if that makes any sense lol that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard this

  3. This is some good stuff I’m using the song for my intro I’ll be giving u and the song creator’s credit in the description every video I make with my intro

  4. Anyone else listen to this while smashing their food because the chicken in the fryer takes too long

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