The Mountains Are Calling ⛰️ – An IndieFolkPop Playlist

…and I must go! Go on incredible adventures with the best indie music! Tracklist & Spotify link below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 This New Light – ‘The Mountains’

2:50 Randall Kent – ‘Good Life’

6:33 Voyageur – ‘Fire & Stone’

10:09 Plàsi – ‘Where I Belong’

13:11 Michael Lane – ‘Take It Slow’

17:06 Hayden Calnin – ‘Unfortunate Love feat. Harrison Storm’

20:52 sød ven – ‘state of mind’

23:57 Caden’s Hills – ‘Find My Way’

26:38 The Sweeplings – ’Deep & Wild’

30:11 Kyle Church – ‘Good Life’

33:44 Marc Scibilia – ‘Wild World’

37:16 Tommy Ashby – ‘One Word’

40:16 Anders Sohn – ‘Fly Away With Me’

43:03 Tom McKenzie – ‘One Way Ticket’

46:34 Boyhood – ‘To Love Again’

49:53 Tyler Brown Williams – ‘Never Stop’

53:54 Daniel Blake – ‘Heartbreaker’

57:56 Companion – ‘Carried Away’

1:01:00 Rich Jacques – ‘Where Is Home’

1:03:42 Sara Davis Regan – ‘Pine Canyon #5’

1:08:34 Rictor – ‘Never Stop Loving You’

1:12:03 We Are All Fossils – ‘Mountains’

1:14:49 Dennis Svennebäck – ‘Sentimentality (The Garden)’

1:18:54 Josh Lee Hamilton – ‘Heart Is Ready’

1:23:04 Lunatic Wolf – ‘Holiday’

1:26:16 Peter Stone – ‘Fells Reservoir’

1:29:43 Native Culture – ‘Paris To Pamplona’

1:34:24 An Unexpected End – ‘Courage’

1:37:43 Scott Boyd – ‘Restless Heart’

1:41:09 Mia Myself & I – ‘Many Miles to Go’

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20 thoughts on “The Mountains Are Calling ⛰️ – An IndieFolkPop Playlist

  1. What do you get when you cross _Wanderlust_ with _Road Trip_ ? You get _The Mountains Are Calling_ ! This is honestly one of our favourite playlists that we’ve EVER made, with 30 fantastic songs for your travel soundtrack. We really hope that you enjoy it too! ⛰️

  2. Alex, you guys have the best music. I have no idea how I found the channel that literally finds the best indie/folk music ever, but I did! Please keep finding these gems for us 😀

  3. This is now one of my favorite playlists! I like playing music when I have to take my kids into the store while I shop to help combat against anxiety and to put me in a better mood when my kids are being kids who don’t like going in stores. Please don’t ever take this down!

  4. definitely one of your best compilations ive heard, each song is brilliant!

  5. Merci beaucoup 💟 ces musiques ont illuminées ma journée et m’ont redonné le moral ! Thank you so much !☀️

  6. im such a fan of this type of music,i love it so so much! it reminds me of vibes, energy and the atmosphere of Moominvalley, so so beautiful

  7. This is a great set but I have one suggestion: there are 30 songs and only 3 sung by females. That’s quite disproportionate. Next time try to mix it more fairly. It’s not like we’re in a deficit of excellent folk/Indie female performers to add to our playlists.

  8. If you are reading this, I hope you know you are unique and capable of creating amazing things.
    Wish you lots of health, love, peace and success 💙💓

  9. Reminds me of waking up in a small town somewhere near the mountains with the sun shining in as I sip my morning coffee

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