The other day – Rhythm Blues

Compositor: Christian Padovan, Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna
Editor: Kapagama
Catalogue: Kosinus
Description: Slow – Sentimental & soulful song feat. male vocal.
Found it in:
Universal Production Music.


The other day in the morning
You told me that you had to leave
I didn’t know nothin’ bout suffering
Now I know what it means.

There was a time we were dreaming
Talkin’ bout the children we’d have
Now that I’m sad and lonely
It’s makes me feel so bad.

I think about the good time
Those precious moments we’ve shared
I’d like someone to talk about it
But nobody cares.

May be it’s not too late
I don’t know
It might be better to wait
What for should I wait
I need you to come back now and for ever
Oh babe, don’t you hear my plea.

The other day the sun was shining
Today looks like a rainy day
And I don’t understand
What has come over me

I had my chance but I blew it
There’s nothing left of what we built
You took a part of me with you
The other day

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