The Truth About Satanism in Metal

Put down the panic. Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) delivers the truth about Satanism in metal.

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20 thoughts on “The Truth About Satanism in Metal

  1. Listen to people with both a mullet and massive stache and you will find yourself in the struggle of false prophets.

  2. So when I was a teenager, my parents marriage grew toxic.

    When they would go to insanity, I would lock myself up and blast highway to hell by AC/DC.

    Miraculously, they would stop fighting and work as a team, beating on my door to shut that devil talk down.

    I called it my psychologist.

  3. To paraphrase Leela from Futurama, “I don’t understand non-theistic people, and I don’t want my children to understand them either!” Out group homogeneity: All those who are not like me are exactly alike, and evil to the core!

  4. you dont have to be a satanist to influence kids in a bad way, in fact your a fraud on top of it for not actually practicing what you are symbolizing, losers …..

  5. So they’re basically the Heavy Metal equivalents to Rap’s Studio Gangstas. They’re not in the lifestyle, they just act like it? It’s still a no for me.

  6. Thats the symble for Poseidon. Its a planetary symble. Satanism was created by sn Atheist, Anton lavey. Music is what you want it to be. Listen to both sides of the story then make your own decisions.

  7. I hear that the world is controlled by devil worshipers in power with trillions of dollars.

  8. Jesus said you are either for me or against me…there is no middle ground..many are Satan pawns even if they now it.

  9. As a satanist myself, we don’t really believe in satan as an actual being, but a symbol for rebellion. We don’t sacrifice goats, we’re normal people who identify with a group based on their philosophies

  10. Okay, here’s the deal… If I were to die tomorrow and go to hell, I know for a fact that Heavy Metal would not be playing. I guarantee that Country Music would be blasting over the loud speakers. So… It’s safe to say that Country Music is the Devil’s music.

  11. Sign of Satan horn in background.
    And he is trying justify to have advertisement of Satan.
    🤯🤯 Another member of illuminati

  12. I always thought of it as a rebel super power.. acting evil n looking like you have special abilities. Like witchcraft people, certain Christian. People like looking powerful.

  13. I live in Iraq and I can’t say anything about metal in public, and actually this is a situation in all Islamic country, the Abrahamic religions are nothing more than a block on the road of freedom.

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