Tonny Kakkar’s Shona Shona Copied from Kpop Songs || Full Copied||

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So tony kakkar latest song shona shona copied from kpop song

20 thoughts on “Tonny Kakkar’s Shona Shona Copied from Kpop Songs || Full Copied||

  1. Like a movie mv is so good. It is still so underrated. Its lyrics are meaningful and singers are amazing. On the other hand this exact copy mv shona shona With nothing good in it got so many views.

  2. Bollywood’s song nowadays be like:
    1. Use the same word in song 10000000000 times
    2. Ask good singer such as Neha Kakkar to sing to increase the no. Of views even if the song is not as good
    3. Use kpop mv ideas without giving credit so that non kpopers appreciate you coz they think that this is your original work.

  3. ………………. Please as an Indian I feel ashamed Shona Shona was copied ( like the sets were so similar ,the thing is he took it from k-pop groups which are not popular in India) but then “booty shake” was out and he copied a scene from BP … he really thought he could do that and get away with it .

  4. I think Tony kakars yaari hai first tune slightly matches with jimins filter tune is it copied ??

  5. Due to Tony Kakkar bollywood is shamed

    Yes he sings well but he copy copy copy

    Now from today onwards i hate Tony kakkar

  6. I can’t say anything about music video but as a learning music producer I can say some of the music is sampled not copied.
    I am also a k Pop fan but I would say some of the Indian rappers are better than korean rappers.
    Am also a BTS army

  7. I am also a k Pop fan but, I would like to say the same no. Of you guys don’t even appreciate better rappers in India than any k Pop rapper.
    You all complaint about their lyrics but when they go better with lyrics you don’t even bother to listening to their art.
    I am also a BTS fan since 2016 but there are many better rappers in India than Rm, suga and J hope.

  8. I have left watching Bollywood because of such issues only, ye saare log kpop, kdramas ki nakal kar de ne so it’s better to watch Korean MVS and dramas directly only.
    BTW, nice video…

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