These are the most liked k-pop music videos on Youtube.

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♡ Rules ♡
A dance version is only included when it has more views than the original MV.
When a MV is uploaded on more than one official channel, the views are combined (example. 1theK).
Japanese, English or Chinese MVs are not included in k-pop lists. Only in separate group videos.
K-Drama OSTs are mostly not included.

♡ Music ♡
Intro music: V, Jin (BTS) – It’s Definitely You (Hwarang OST)
2nd Intro music: NCT 127 – Kick It
Leaving the chart music: MONSTA X – Follow
Outro music: V (BTS) – Winter Bear

♡ Credits ♡
Amazing artwork in the endscreen by Renee.
Instagram: @thisizreneesworld

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19 thoughts on “[TOP 100] MOST LIKED KPOP MUSIC VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE | May 2020

  1. Note: Because my whole video got blocked yesterday (the poll video) I decided to also take out TXT’s ‘Can’t You See Me?’ audio and video from this video just to be sure. I will re-add it next month once Bighit don’t block it anymore.

  2. liked does not signify quality and money that needs to be paid. sometimes weird things are liked by a bunch and it’s not right. love kpop music and performers. this is all code.

  3. Twice being the queens of kpop and bts being the kings of kpop for 26 minutes straight

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