20 thoughts on “Top 50 Best Metal Songs of the 2000s

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  2. First of all: have several korn songs in this list from The 90’s.

    Second: Alone I break is in The list and Here to stay is not ?

    Third: Only one Linkin Park song ????????????

    Fourth: Nickelback metal ????????

  3. nothing screams “dated” more than limp bizkit. almost every other song cat at least pass nowadays, but limp… yikes

  4. No Trivium, No Testament, No megadeth, No Jinjer, hardly a massive metal list, maybe do a separate video for more heavy metal? 🙂

  5. No Opeth or Dream Theater? Lateralus at 58 below songs by a bunch of nu metal bands with not half the skill of Tool never mind Opeth or DT. Yeah this list sucks the big one

  6. How would you only put Rammstein on the list once?? Though I’m glad both Slipknot and BFMV made it on there a few times 👌🏻🖤

  7. Really??? Bleed Meshuggah so down??? Didn’t expect that

  8. Also Bodies should be top 5 same with down with the sickness

  9. Psychosocial and Aerials should be in this list, and actually in the top 15

  10. St Anger and Nickleback are 2 things things that the word Best are never accompanied with.

  11. Why do people love KoRn so much?
    But People=Shit is good.
    Yooooo! Happy?!
    Still no Iron Maiden.

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