Topher – The Patriot feat. The Marine Rapper[Lyric Video]

Topher – The Patriot (feat. The Marine Rapper)[Lyric Video]

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20 thoughts on “Topher – The Patriot feat. The Marine Rapper[Lyric Video]

  1. As a Veteran. This song hit that proud, stand up, tear up emotion, that makes you proud that you served and lived in a family of military, lived the military, stand for my nation, love my USA; makes you wanna do more, stand for your rights, how dare you try to take what we fought for away, why so many whom died fought for, why we served, why we put our country first, why, who, what, you said it, then it gets banned. What are rights? What is speech? What is freedown? We have nothing? We fought for this? Lay out the truth, my mama told me we would have to fight, we would have to stand, we would have to address, stand up to haters, manipulators, liars, and stand tall, stand strong, wrap yourself with the Armor of God and be ready to be waivered, tempted, stented (yes I made that word up right then) you be ready, with the strength of God, I will weather all that he sees me through. I subbed, bought the song, will share, and I love this song! Fly above the cancelled, fly above those who want you down. That will keep you down. Build your dreams as big as the stars reach. Each word, picked perfectly, for this song, and the chorus, perfect. Hoooorayyyyyyy. USAF!

  2. Topher! Legit bro this is your best hitter besides Circle back. My opinion! Regardless, I support you after finally hearing about you. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  3. Amen.always..many have fallen.lot of blood have shead.but lots and many made it here for.1000.of years.but I feel as if we mid.and younger age don’t start.its going to be to.late

  4. The enemy seeks to sow seeds of division. When we come together agitators must be dealt with..peacefully of course.


  6. Over 1M views congratulations and thank you for your repeated support of our constitution and country!

    God bless America and long live the republic!

  7. Wow. This is beautiful I have always loved the folk and Celtic styles. I love how you combined that with your beautiful message. I only just started listening to rap. This is one of the few I have enjoyed thank you.

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