TrueFire Live: Kirk Fletcher – TrueHeart Blues: Rhythm – Guitar Lessons

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20 thoughts on “TrueFire Live: Kirk Fletcher – TrueHeart Blues: Rhythm – Guitar Lessons

  1. Shout outs from Ghana, West Africa. I’m so glad to chance upon this video. Kirk Fletcher is awesome.

  2. Kirk has got the sweetest blues and personality. He sure is funky too.

  3. The world needs more humble and talented musicians like this guy who l just discovered.
    Notice how l said “humble” before saying “talented”. Both important but being humble makes your talent shine more.
    I’ve had to learn to be humble over the years and it makes a difference.

  4. They all want a 50s les paul but few play a les paul like it was played in the 50s
    Thank god there are guys like fletcher who showcase how truly awesome this instrument is

  5. I do kinda take issue with the whole ‘he’s a great soloist and improvisor, but can also play rhythm’ attitude about the instrument. Guitar is a rhythm instrument. Good guitarists never drop the rhythm and changes regardless of what part of the neck they are playing on, or whether or not its a solo section.

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