Underground Diaries Ep1 Introducing Metal Music in Nepal

Music brings everyone together. It’s a tool that provides ideas with different angles to a society. Nepal is blessed with great musicians from the diverse background. Lately, underground music is making an impact on music lovers of Nepal. Underground music comprises a range of different musical genres that operate outside of mainstream culture.
Underground Diaries started as an intern project during my last semester of bachelors in 2011. After doing research and background study on a subject I was so passionate about, I came up with a proposal of a TV show with an intention to feature Live music and story of the bands in each episode.
The concept revolves around introducing the hidden Metal Music in Nepal. But as it represents the underground stories but not the mainstream, it remained underground.
This documentary was an introductory episode of the TV show. But as the series did not happen, this documentary was undone. It’s almost 8 years now and lot of things have changed since this project started in 2012.
The ideas presented by the artists and enthusiasts in this documentary are critical for the identity of this culture. Its’ an evolution of a Western Music Culture in Kathmandu. Underground Diaries is the introduction of Metal and how this heavy genre of Music emerged in becoming one of the most concrete genres in Nepali Music scene.
As of now, it has become a DIY kind of documentary. Nevertheless, I hope you can get an idea of what Metal is in Nepal.
I am thankful to each and every one of you present there directly and indirectly in making Underground Diaries possible.
The intention of Underground Diaries is to promote underground culture to its viewers.

Created by
Prasit Prasit

Umong Shahi[TTV]
Subham Mansingh Pradhan[TTV]

Newaz – ‘kathmandu’
Ugrakarma – ‘dang dung(disorder lust), Chandal Saitan
X-mantra – ‘badala’ , ‘chaya’, ‘shaleek’
Underside – ‘satan in your stereo’, ‘disconnect
Mukti and revival – ‘nahera malai’
Tumbleweed inc. – ‘mr. president’
Cruentus- ‘asantustha aatma’
Antim Grahan – ‘forever winter’

Sincere Thanks to
Abid Shah
Ashish Sinha
Bikrant Shrestha
Bikrum Shrestha
Dev Rana
Divesh Mulmi
Iman Shah
Mukti Shakya
Nilesh Joshi
Pralin Pradhan
Prateek Raj Neupane
Satish Sthapit
Sunny Manandhar
Umes Shrestha
Kiran Thapa Magar [12.12.12 gig]
Mohit pradhan [kcm icmc 2012]
Srijan Wagle [kcm icmc 2014]
Zivon Gurung [nepal death fest 2015]
Silence Entertainment [Metal for Nepal 2015]
Tumbleweed Inc [Parichaya album launch 2017]
Roshan Pradhan [gari khana deu gig 2017]
Aman Pratap Adhikary [TTV]
Sanad Shakya[TTV]
Paul D Greene [Author] ‘Metal Rules the Globe: Tropes of Transgression in Nepali Heavy Metal’
Kyle Smucker [Author] ‘Heavy Metal and Middle Class Social Identity in Kathmandu’
Robert Walser [Author] ‘Running with the Devil’
Deena Weinstein [Author] ‘Music & its Culture’
Kashish Das Shrestha [Writer] ‘WAVE’
Vishal Rai [writer] ‘WAVE’
TTV [Terai Television Network]
Shepherd College

House of music, Thamel
Red carpet, Durbarmarg
Nepal music centre, Pinglasthan
Red mud cafe, Thapathali
Attic bar, Uttardhoka
Ti Amo Pizzeria, Basantapur
Barossa lounge, Hattishar
Moksh, Jhamshikhel
Fc sports bar, Jhamsikhel
Reggae bar, Thamel
S3 music academy, Kalimati
WTC, Tripureshwor

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