underrated Chinese indiepop playlist for when you’re feeling down – 中文歌曲播放清单

Although I mainly listen to Korean music, I’ve always loved Chinese music too and lately I’ve been trying to listen to more less-known Chinese songs because there’s probably so many good songs out there. I feel like people mainly know Jay Chou, Eric Zhou, Mayday etc. but there’s so many more Chinese/Taiwanese artists out there. A channel that I discovered not too long ago called WCY Music Studio releases a lot of songs by not as well known artists, so it’s where I’ve been listening to new songs lately and also where I found basically all of the songs in this playlist :).

Spotify playlist:
WCY Music Studio:

0:00 徐秉龙 (Xu Binglong) – 迪士尼在逃公主 Runaway Disney Princess
3:35 火羊瞌睡了(Huo yang ke shui le) – 夏天的风 Summer Wind (溫嵐 Wen Lan Cover)
7:17 颜人中 (Yan Renzhong) – 一个人 One Person
10:50 F*yy – 偷偷心动 Secretly
14:14 cococola – 后来遇见他 Met him later (甜66 Cover)
17:45 火鸡 (Huo ji) – 喜欢你 I Like you (陈洁仪 Chen Jieye Cover)
21:42 汪苏泷 (Wang Sulong) – 忽而今夏 Suddenly this Summer
25:59 F*yy – 万有引力 Gravity (汪蘇瀧 Wang Sulong Cover)
30:02 夏苏烦 (Xia Sufan) – 意料之外 Unexpected
33:27 颜人中 (Yan Renzhong) – 想说 Want to say
36:47 糯米Nomi – 肯定 Definitely
39:51 Superluckyqi – 深海 Deep Sea
43:41 锦零 (Jin Ling) – 那家花店 That Flower Shop

I also really like this photo I found from . The faint red Chinese says “If there’s no record of it, then it didn’t happen” 🤔

All credits go to the original artists, check them out and support them if you can

20 thoughts on “underrated Chinese indiepop playlist for when you’re feeling down – 中文歌曲播放清单

  1. the f*yy – 万有引力 is acc a cover of the actual song 万有引力 by wangsulong.. just wanted yall to know !

  2. i hate when they use English in Chinese songs. Like bro I’m trying to learn Chinese, help meeee

  3. My one regret with beginning to learn Mandarin is the fact that I listen to these playlists because I can’t focus on lyrics I can’t understand, helping me to focus on my task. In other words, I use these playlists to curb my ADD when trying to focus on a task like homework or cleaning, but learning Mandarin means that I’m gonna start recognizing lyrics. 😭 It’s a bittersweet feeling.

  4. There are lots of Korean/Japanese playlist but we need more playlists in more different languages like this❤️ Thank youu^^ I also create Aesthetic Turkish Playlists on my channel 🇹🇷💫🙃

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