UNEXPECTED RAP auditions in The Voice

These talents from The Voice don’t only have a great voice, they also know how to rap!

1. Denzel sings ‘Akuma’ (The Voice Australia):

2. Hindaco sings ‘I Love It’ (The Voice of Italy):

3. Vincent Vinel sings ‘Lose Yourself’ (The Voice France):

4. Ginger sings ‘Papa / Treur Niet’ (The Voice of Holland):

5. Нана Хатл sings ‘Hotel California’ (The Voice Russia):

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20 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED RAP auditions in The Voice

  1. The 3rd guy: Can play piano with no effort while being blind

    Me: Can barley play even though I can see

  2. The last girl
    She is beautiful
    She is talented
    She is tall
    She is the last performance in this video
    She my girlfriend 💕😂

  3. The woman that was 2nd I only really understood the English parts but I could tell she was fire, they all were🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hotel california is NOT rap/hip hop lol. Even if she threw a random rap verse into it…

  5. I understand only a bit the guy from netherland..but i felt him the most…goosebumps

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