US Top 50 DanceElectronicEDM Songs January 23, 2021

This week’s most popular dance/electronic songs in U.S., based on radio airplay audience impressions, sales data and streaming activity data from online music sources (Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs)

12 thoughts on “US Top 50 DanceElectronicEDM Songs January 23, 2021

  1. RIP “Magic” and “Delete Forever”. I’m happy to see “Lasting Lover” reaching the top 10. “Goosebumps” broke into the top 4, not enough to be in Bubbling Under as EDM in the dead zone currently, but the Travis Scott remix is going to boost it enough to chart on the Hot 100 next week and “The Business” might not be far behind with the new version with Ty Dolla Sign. Looks like that Lil Xxel guy is going to stick around with an EDM features and the highest debut with Lauren Daigle on it is another Kygo ripoff, which is not a bad thing, but still.

  2. Space Melody
    Why Do You Lie To Me
    No Time For Tears
    Inside Out
    Real Groove
    I Miss U
    Too Much
    Come Back Home
    Safe With Me
    Ok Not To Be Ok
    Lasting Lover
    Lose Somebody
    Breaking Me
    Rain On Me

  3. 8 more weeks: Paper Thin, Violence, Deep End, Inside Out, Too Much (if it stays below #25), Let’s Love (if it DOESN’T drop below #25)
    7 more weeks: OK Not To Be OK (if it stays below #10), Lasting Lover (if it DROPS below #10)
    6 more weeks: I Miss U (if it stays below #25), Lovefool (if it DOESN’T drop below #25), Nightlight
    5 more weeks: Tick Tock
    4 more weeks: Love Is Killing Me
    Only 3 more weeks: Hot Stuff
    Only 2 more weeks: Let’s Love (if it DOES drop below #25)

    And Lovefool will vanish if it DOES drop below #25. Also looking forward to Lose Somebody exiting after dropping below #10 (God I’m BEYOND bored with this meaningless track). The same recurrent rule also applies to Breaking Me, but WAY more likely we need to wait TEN more weeks.

    Somehow surprisingly, I think this is a very good week.

    And my most sincere and heartfelt sendoffs to Why Do You Lie To Me and Funny. Anybody wants to pay some respect to these two, feel free to do so below.

  4. The real of top 10 of EDM
    10 Breaking me
    9 Paradise
    8 The Business
    7 Come & Go
    6 Head & Heart
    5 Goosebumps
    4 Rain on me
    3 Roses Remix
    2 Ily
    1 Levitating

  5. Next week top 10 of EDM
    10 Lose Somebody -1
    9 Breaking me -1
    8 Lasting Love +2 AirPlay Gainer
    7 Paradise =
    6 The Business =
    5 Head & Heart =
    4 Goosebumps = Streaming Gainer
    3 Rain on me =
    2 Roses Remix =
    1 Ily = Longest Chart Sitter

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