US Top 50 DanceElectronicEDM Songs October 3, 2020

This week’s most popular dance/electronic songs in U.S., based on radio airplay audience impressions, sales data and streaming activity data from online music sources (Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs)

20 thoughts on “US Top 50 DanceElectronicEDM Songs October 3, 2020

  1. My version of the top 10:
    1. Roses
    2. Come & Go
    3. Don’t Start Now
    4. ily
    5. Rain On Me
    6. Breaking Me
    7. OK Not To Be OK
    8. Heartless
    9. Over Now
    10. Head & Heart

    RITMO goes Recurrent

    11. Lose Somebody
    12. Hot Stuff
    13. 911 (Would’ve Peaked at #11 when Chromatica came out)

  2. Next week top 10
    10 911 =
    9 Funny +2
    8 Lose Somebody =
    7 RITMO =
    6 Head & Heart =
    5 Okay not to be okay =
    4 Breaking me =
    3 Rain on me =
    2 Ily =
    1 Roses Remix =

  3. Flashback:Top 50 music from 10/03/1979

    50 hot stuff by Donna Summer
    49 le freak by chic
    48 bad Girls by Donna Summer
    47 I love the nightlife by Alicia bridges
    46 reunited by peaches & herb
    45 escape song ( the piñata cola ) by Rupert Holmes
    44 the boss by Diana Ross
    43 fire by the pointer sisters
    42 make it
    41 disco night by CQ
    40 too heaven by the bee gees
    39 inside out by the bee gees
    38 I’m think i sexy by Rod Stewart
    37 knock on the wood by amii Stewart
    36 stumpin by chris Norman & Susie
    35 born to alive by Patrick
    34 boogie wonderland by earth , wind and rain and the emotions
    33 rainbow connection by Kermit the frog
    32 chic
    31 come to me by France Joli
    30 ring my bell by Anita Ward
    29 babe by Styx
    28 sail on by commodes
    27 love pain by Yvonne elliman
    26 good times by chic
    25 theme song of hart to hart
    24 theme song of the fact of life
    23 theme song of the Jeffersons (1979 version)
    22 theme song of M*A* S* H* (1979 version)
    21 theme song of Charlie’s angels (1979 version)
    20 theme song of Hawaii Five O (1979 version)
    19 theme song of little house on the prairie (1979 version)
    18 theme song of different strokes (1979 version)
    17 theme song of Dallas (1979 version)
    16 please don’t go by kc and the sunshine band
    15 another brick on the wall by pink Floyd
    14 heart of glass by blondie
    13 Sunday girl by blondie
    12 the police
    11 Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer
    10 Dr. Hook
    9 m
    8 video kill radio stars
    7 Donna Summer
    6 baby one more time by captain & tennillie ( number one in 1980)
    5 still by commodes
    4 my Sharona by the knack
    3 sad eyes by Robert John
    2 rise by herb Albert
    1 can’t get enough by Michael Jackson

  4. “Midnight” had its time, but I’m surprised about “Lighter” leaving early. “911” wasn’t even enough to return to the Bubbling Under and “Hot Stuff” isn’t as strong as Kygo’s previous covers, but “Head & Heart” finally made it and it’s probably going to chart next week.

  5. Rip: Higher Ground, Lose You, Lighter, Live Without your Love, Fire, Risky Business and Midnight 🙁

  6. 8 more weeks: Such A Whore (if it drops below top 25 (quite unlikely to happen at the moment, but one can hope)), Sour Candy
    7 more weeks: Enigma, Plastic Doll, Looking For Me (if it drops below top 25), Lose Somebody (if it drops below top 10 (strongly unlikely, but guess I’m still gonna include it))
    5 more weeks: Fun Tonight, Tinted Eyes, Fire For You
    4 more weeks: Sad, Only A Fool (if it stays below top 25 (which is more likely to happen, but maybe there are some here who wished for it to return there to last longer?)), Secrets (if it stays below top 10 (anyone also hoping for this to last longer too?))
    Only 3 more weeks: Broken Glass, Sine From Above, Replay, Alice, Free Woman

    Only 2 more weeks: Someone Else (if it stays in top 25 (c’mon, let’s hope it can hold on until this happens)), RITMO (if it stays below top 5 (yup, now that Head & Heart finally surpassed it as well, this will DEFINITELY happen (even if OK Not To Be OK flops). This song, though underwhelming, had an incredible run. But the time for this song will inevitably come, just like others before.))

    Next week will be LMK’s last week. (I doubt anyone cares.)

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