What We Started| History Of Electronic Dance Music| Full Documentary Movie

What We Started History Of Electronic Dance Music|Full Documentary Movie Sub Español

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What We Started History of Electronic Music Full Documentary Sub Español
what we documentary what we started history of electronic music
started full documentary sub español

20 thoughts on “What We Started| History Of Electronic Dance Music| Full Documentary Movie

  1. El mejor documental 🥺me hizo ver que es lo que realmente tengo que hacer, gracias por el gran video ♥️

  2. that thing afrojack says about take on me song…perfect…that seth t n budfire are bitter as fuck..even oakenfold(prick) evolve n learn how to use a computer or fuck off…u had ur moment and its long gone…anolouge players in a digital world….edm wins everytime and thats why they are no 1 n millionaires and u guys are obvioulsy annoyed ….times have changed…edm rules now grampas


  3. Being able to experience a lot of these DJ’s when they were still considered “underground” is honestly one of the greatest things of my life. NYC 93-early 2000’s!!!! Best times of my life!

  4. Only just watched this on another channel, found it very interesting, but jeez i can’t stand the EDM that is produced nowadays. To me, and it is of course only my humble opinion, the golden era was in the nineties. Something about rave back then that felt more raw more real, not the overblown commercialised shite that is around now, plus the dosh made is as vulgar to me as high paid footballers.

  5. A lot of people worked hard for that documentary. And you have made it available for free. 

    Clearly that is not supporting Electronic Music

  6. que senti al ver el documental??
    desesperacion y ala vez esperanza y confiando en Dios poder algun dia ser de los grandes! y no por ser de los grandes si no que la musica que ago yegue hasta lo mas profundo de los corazones y despertar sentidos!
    porque mi desesperacion?
    porque es algo que amo expresarme atravez de la musica y que aun soy nuevo en el mundo de la produccion pero tengo fe en que un dia lo lograre y la desesperacion yega porque estamos acostumbrados a que todo lo queremos pronto!y las cosas no son asi!
    animo chicos!quienes ama la musica saben de lo que hablo! no se desanimen!
    recuerden lo que dijo martin garrix!(no entiendo como paso todo tan rapido?) los años pasan volando y si le dedicamos todos nuestros ezfuerzos a la musica cuando menos no los esperemos yegara lo inesperado un saludo!


    PD claro con gusto yeicok music!
    tienes bien ganado mi like y porsupuesto mi suscripcion!

  7. No entiendo porque no hay una sóla mención a Norman Quentin Cook a.k.a. Fatboy Slim….

  8. Good documentary but way too much focus on MG. Hes very good and seems a top bloke but hes still a newcomer

  9. I remember hearing Daft Punk around the world in 97, there net is estimated 140 million usd they were one of the biggest influences like kraft work etc.

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