Whiskey Jazz • Best Soft Jazz for Cocktails and Dinner | Mellow Music for Cocktail Party

Whiskey Jazz – more soft jazz for that late night glass of fine whiskey. Luscious and delicious…

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🎧Whiskey Jazz Playlist 🎧

00:00 ‘Round Midnight
05:33 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
08:19 Waitin’ For A Train To Come In
12:37 In A Sentimental Mood
18:25 You Are Too Beautiful
25:24 Blue Moon
29:16 Night & Day
33:37 Sophisticated Lady
37:35 Skylark
42:36 Autumn Leaves
47:30 Moonlight In Vermont
51:14 Misty
57:03 Take The A Train
59:58 When Sunny Gets Blue
1:02:45 Dream
1:07:03 Here’s That Rainy Day
1:11:09 Meditation
1:14:37 The Shadow Of Your Smile
1:18:25 Midnight Mood
1:23:24 Angel Eyes

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This is the soft jazz of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:

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20 thoughts on “Whiskey Jazz • Best Soft Jazz for Cocktails and Dinner | Mellow Music for Cocktail Party

  1. Good morning Dr. Sax!! I’m loving this!!! Very relaxing!!! Thank you!! Can’t wait to get my drink in my hands and just chill out and take this beautiful music all in!! Be blessed!! 😘😘😘❤❤❤

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  4. Dream 1:02 . Just Beautiful. Just cannot get enough of the Whiskey Jazz. But I must confess, recently I am being moving towards the Bourbons. Dr. Sax definitely rocks !

  5. Enjoy your day or night, where ever you are at the moment and don`t let the daily routine drag you down 🙂

  6. Today my husband and I celebrated a “bitter-sweet” 30 years of being together (we lost his mum on Sunday). Since we could not go out for a meal as per usual, we decided to order in. We created our own unique experience with this album playing in the background.. Thanks for the compilation❤️

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  11. Hi everyone👋🏾😁. I’m so in love with jazz! So soothing for the mind and spirit.

  12. I have a beautiful Milf coming over tonight. I made an old fashion, sipping on it, and waiting for her to arrive to this sexy jazz mix and candlelight throughout the house 🏡 . Thanks!

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