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Special thanks to Melotown’s old school collectors:
DrHabla, BlAckspot, General NIMRO, Liam F, Kurahandol Sama, Indie Cratez, Cratedigga.mp3, Who The Hell Is Harvy

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1. What does price mean?
The price meter is the cost to purchase the vinyl on Discogs. The stream checks live data on Discogs every time a track is played.

2. How is Underground LVL calculated?
Also using live data from Discogs, the stream gets the demand for the vinyl and calculates a percent from it. The lower the demand, the higher the Underground LVL.

3. The stream is frozen, or there is no sound. How can I listen?
Sometimes we have technical difficulties with the Youtube Livestream. If there is no sound, or the screen is frozen, you can go to to listen to the radio without the video stream.
Click the Melotown Radio icon in the top left corner and press play.

4. How can I contact you?
You can send me a message on Discord @melo () or send me an email at melotown.hiphop@gmail.com

If you are an artist and your track was played here, please contact me if you like it removed from the radio. However, we are happy to work with you to help keep your old school hip-hop alive. We will never play ads between your music.


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