Aggressive Metal Electro Heavy Metal Industrial Mix ‘JOHNNY BLAZE’

‘JOHNNY BLAZE’ is an Aggressive Metal Electro / Industrial / Metalstep Mix by Aim To Head.

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00:00 | Intro
00:30 | Jacob Lizotte – Betrayal
04:29 | Remstage – Annihilation
07:45 | Jacob Lizotte – The Sickness
11:52 | Remstage – Action
13:51 | Mick Gordon – Rip & Tear
17:18 | Robert Slump – Doomsday
19:20 | Mick Gordon – Rust, Dust & Guts
25:29 | Sound Infection – Isolate The Infection
27:58 | Morbid M3chanics – Diabolical Module
32:29 | Mick Gordon – BFG Division

🎨 Background art: Jerad Marantz

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  1. It’s my rest day. Yet I find myself trying to resist the urge to go squat and deadlift. Must…. resist….

  2. A name for another mix: „mordekaiser“ inspired from league of legends, I bet there’s a epic wallpaper for mordekaiser somewhere, would fit well into this music Type 😀 love ur content thanks for all these mixes

  3. Always something different that I’ve not heard yet and has sick ass art to go along. So glad I was turned on to this channel. ✊🌹

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