Autumn Lofi 🍂 Chilled beats for cold rainy days

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Stream rule’s: No self promo, keep swearing to a minimum, English is preferred so our mods can mod the stream accordingly. Please do not share personal information in the live chat. Any abuse be it bullying, racist or location based will not be tolerated. Some topics such as religion and politics tend to have a bad track record for a decent outcome – lets stay away from those if possible – this isn’t the place for such conversations. Please keep roleplay/dating chat off the stream chat if possible.
Finally, please be friendly! Let’s keep the stream as chilled as we can. 👍

If you enjoy any of the following channels: Lofi Girl, The Bootleg Boy, Chillhop Music, The Jazz Hop Café, Ambition, MrSuicideSheep you’re sure to love Homework Radio! Lo-fi music is excellent to listen to while studying, revising or just relaxing – Enjoy your study session.

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