Chance the Rapper – A Bar About a Bar 2022 | [Official Music Video]

Directed by Chance The Rapper
Director of Photography Troy Gueno
Produced by DexLvL
Edited by Bob Zegler, Chance The Rapper, Jack Cronin, Vaughn Robison
Story by Chance The Rapper
House of Kicks

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The official video for Chance the Rapper’s “A Bar About a Bar” – Out Now!
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Bar About a Bar lyrics

I got a bar about a bar
It’s not a joke
It’s just a bar
A nigga walks into a bar
Took his seat
He liked his liquor hard
His women easy
Legend has it he was callous
Like fingers that pick guitars
He was just a hick that parked his pickup truck cause it was dark to take a piss
The road was long
The line was long as shit
He thought about it
Held it in and sipped his straw
Ashed out his cigar and walked out into his car
Forget that nigga
There was a line inside the bar
The line was so long it wrapped behind the bar
And exposed moonshine and wine inside the jar
And it kept going into the alley and the trash behind the bar
To the same nigga
He was taking a piss behind his car
The nigga in the front seen that the shit was out of order
The nigga in the back seen that the meter’s outta quarters
The patrons in the middle wish this line was way shorter
I would tell you their names but they names is unimportant

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20 thoughts on “Chance the Rapper – A Bar About a Bar 2022 | [Official Music Video]

  1. I see what you can do. It’s simple ABC rhymic words like a taping shoe style . with less overcrowded voice. I liked how direct adress and poems techniques.

  2. We need that 2nd part asap!! The Highs and the Lows sounds freaking beautiful glad your back to your old flow 🔥🔥🔥

  3. This was dope. Chance has sick lyrics.
    I have a song with a similar concept that goes crazy with the lyrics. Right up chance’s lane.

  4. Everything is coming out great cuz we back to the SAVEMONEY energy. Long live SM🙏🏽🔥

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