IndieRockAlternative Compilation – August 2022 2-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our August compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Young Rising Sons – ‘Easy Dreamer’

3:12 The Brevet – ‘Wherever We Go’

6:45 Coma Culture – ‘In Love’

9:51 Sleepy Soul – ‘Summers With You’

13:18 Spacey Jane – ‘Bothers Me’

16:33 Benjamin Carter – ‘Black Boys on the Radio’

20:01 Fetch Tiger – ‘Time Alone’

23:47 The Haunted Youth – ‘Broken’

28:30 Jacob Ray – ‘never gonna be just friends’

31:49 Goldmyth – ‘Triptych’

35:30 Lauren Preuss – ‘Wrong Time’

38:51 Ten Minute Detour – ‘What Can I Do?’

42:27 Alexis Kings – ‘Sundaze’

45:52 Phoebe Go – ’The Kid’

49:26 Cousin Simple – ’You Want It You Got It’

52:23 Lostboycrow – ‘Libra Moon’

54:59 Retro City – ‘Just Run’

59:26 The Valla – ‘Strawberry’

1:01:13 Skinny Dippers – ‘Home’

1:06:53 Meija – ‘Not Sure How This Ends’

1:10:57 Rum Jungle – ‘Crimson Sunset’

1:14:25 Colpa Mia – ‘Juno’

1:16:37 Big Sleep – ‘In My Head’

1:20:05 Creature Canyon – ‘Faded Fire’

1:23:05 lone pines – ‘Boys in LA’

1:25:43 Nadia Kamrath – ‘Feel This Once’

1:28:37 moodring – ‘Flowers’

1:32:11 Local Opener – ‘Love Is in the Way’

1:35:53 7 Miles – ‘Hold On’

1:39:05 Kye Kepler – ‘Weights’

1:42:30 Foreign Air – ‘Hello Sunshine’

1:46:13 Layer Cake – ‘Hurting’

1:48:44 Above Water – ‘After Midnight’

1:52:08 Linebeck – ‘Bed’

1:55:56 Jagguar – ‘Guessing in a Row’

1:59:43 Junaco – ‘Blue Room’

2:03:41 Lost In Japan – ‘Before The Blink’

2:06:41 Rose Avenue – ‘An Ocean, A River’

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  1. WELCOME TO AUGUST! Here’s another two hours of music, handpicked by us, to get you moving and grooving for the next 31 days. We hope you enjoy our selections! Let’s chat in the comments, and if you’re not already, make sure to subscribe to never miss our playlists! 🧡
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  3. You know a compilation is so good when it starts with YOUNG RISING SONS ! thank you for this monday gift

  4. I just was waiting for this playlist, the last night I was listening July Playlist, and thinking if this one will be available for today

  5. I was actually feeling a little down, worrying/thinking about stuff I need not be, when I spotted this compilation playlist. Let me tell you, I feel quite great now (spring in my step) getting on with things, and being my mad self again. Great songs!! And beautifully put together. It sure is a mood switcher for sure✨

  6. First song is fire! Did a shazam just for collection purposes and it missed it entirely… so sad. Thanks for your dedication to this channel and bringing us great music!

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