IndieRockAlternative Compilation – December 2021 2-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our December compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 Lo Moon – ‘Dream Never Dies’

4:42 Windser – ‘Trouble In Paradise’

8:17 Alix Page – ‘25’

11:49 KYTES – ‘bumblin’

14:33 Carver Commodore – ‘Pallbearer’

17:14 The Satellite Station – ‘Back Of My Heart’

20:33 Banji – ‘Chills’

24:07 Brother. – ‘We’re (Not) Alone’

27:33 Honest Men – ‘A Spectrum’

31:22 Make Friends – ‘Fever’

35:45 Good Dog – ‘Desert’

38:32 Mountains Like Wax – ‘Yes, I Grew Tired’

42:09 David Nevory – ‘You & the Sea’

45:31 Ellur – ’Burn It All Down’

48:23 Sleepy Soul – ’Tandem’

51:13 Jason Wade – ‘a Think Piece’

56:02 Highline – ‘Shy Today’

1:00:23 Tetra Collective – ‘Down For Me’

1:04:38 Kloudink – ‘Get There’

1:08:31 The King’s Parade – ‘Honey’

1:11:46 The Thing With Feathers – ‘We’ll Be Fine’

1:15:20 Rowan – ’Youth & Youthhood’

1:19:01 Paden – ‘Can’t You Tell’

1:22:30 Kowloon – ‘The Sun’

1:26:37 Kone Mara – ‘Highway 1’

1:30:09 Tommy Lefroy – ‘Vampires’

1:33:25 Laureline – ‘Many Worlds’

1:37:19 LUUNG – ‘how would it feel?’


1:44:53 Elephant Castle – ‘Rocket To The Moon’

1:48:45 Cavern Company – ‘Slapstick’

1:52:41 Max Morin – ‘2nd Ave’

1:55:38 Melle – ‘Already Home’

1:59:17 Jason Soffer – ‘Closer’

2:02:44 Cyrano – ‘Afterburns’

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19 thoughts on “IndieRockAlternative Compilation – December 2021 2-Hour Playlist

  1. This is it… our final monthly compilation of 2021! We’re going out with style with one of our longest-ever Indie/Rock/Alt compilations featuring 14 artists BRAND-NEW to our channel, and 20+ returning favourites! Let us know your favourite songs in the comments and all the best for the rest of the year! ❄️🎸
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  2. EARLY?! AGAIN! Wow I feel so lucky!! 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing, I love this channel!!

  3. Snow, cold, freezing outside hot coffee and sweaterwith this incredile rock indie playlist inside the room.

  4. Thanks for adding our new tune at 24:08 !! Check out the other songs from our new album on our channel🤘🏼

  5. Never has a song been more mismatched for the season than “Back Of My Heart”. It made sense back in August when I recorded it. haha Hope you all still enjoy it and thanks so much Alex and Beth!

  6. Excellent playlist again! Downloading it now for my flight. Thanks for including us! Happy holidays everyone!

  7. Seriously, how do you keep finding such consistently good material? Another superb list and much appreciated!!

  8. Your curation skills are FLAWLESS. Love discovering new tunes everytime I listen through one of your comps. Cheers to our friends across the pond! 🍻

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