IndieRockAlternative Compilation – November 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our November compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 David Nevory – ‘California’

3:33 Husbands – ‘Liked to Party’

7:43 The Yves – ‘Say You’re In Love’

11:41 Geographer – ‘Alibi (Alternate Version)’

14:43 Mojave Grey – ‘Fade Out’

18:08 Elenowen – ‘Say I Don’t Scare You’

21:43 RIVER – ‘Dance in the Darkness’

25:03 Local Nomad and The Shadowboxers – ‘Lonely’

28:47 Glom – ‘She Has Made It To The Other Side’

32:37 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘One Track Mind’

36:00 DELIGHTS – ‘Utopia (Radio Edit)

39:00 Margot Polo – ‘Can You Hear Me?’

42:54 Carver Commodore – ‘Misty Eyes’

45:39 Elephant Castle – ’French Food’

48:45 Tommy P – ’Simple Things’

52:25 The Moving Stills – ‘Waste My Time’

55:49 Mazey Haze – ‘Always Dancing’

59:28 Kios – ‘Call Me Soon’

1:03:16 The Covasettes – ‘Sink or Swim’

1:06:53 Elektric Animals – ‘Cheers’

1:10:33 Drew Elliott – ‘Lost Like Lovers’

1:14:15 Haley Johnsen – ’Goner’

1:17:51 The Dryas – ‘Lost Without U’

1:21:19 Matthew Thomas – ‘Long Way Home’

1:25:22 Christian Sparacio – ‘Sunsets and Revelry’

1:29:00 Sweet and Lonely – ‘Feel Good’

1:31:15 John Airfield – ‘TNT’

1:35:36 John Dhali – ‘Start Again’

1:40:40 Ed Hawke – ‘idky’

1:44:02 Stereo Specter – ‘Golden’

1:47:13 CIDCITY – ‘LuLu’

1:50:05 Emory Duncan – ‘Red Eye’

1:55:02 Port Louix – ‘Hibernate’

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18 thoughts on “IndieRockAlternative Compilation – November 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

  1. WELCOME TO NOVEMBER! Can anyone else believe we’re almost to the end of 2021?! As the weather keeps get colder, we’re focusing on some slower indie/rock/alt tracks in this monthly comp… with some funky songs in there too of course! Hope you enjoy! 🧣🎸
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  2. I had to comment on this one. Loving it from the first song itself. Love the yellow leaves on the ground. The trees are saying goodbye for now. Having a cup of hot coffee and having to do some studies, while under a warm blanket just fits in everything. Thanks Alex for this compilation!! =) My personal favorite is Mojave Grey – Fade Out. Amazing song guys!!!

  3. Ahh thank you guys for adding my song “Lost Like Lovers” !! Big fan of this playlist, grateful to be a part. (the new Kios song might be my favorite)

  4. Thanks so much for supporting ‘California’ 🥺 Huge LOVE for your channel and this community ❤️

  5. Always great to hear your music and feeling like dancing on it! Still young at heart even if i’m 67…..soon😂 Merci beaucoup 🙏💜

  6. Ahhh thanks for the love y’all! Honored to have “Long Way Home” on here in such good company!

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