IndieRockAlternative Compilation – October 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

Discover the best new indie, rock & alt music in our October compilation! Tracklist below… 👇
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💿 Tracklist:
0:00 THALA – ‘contradictions’

3:14 Sunshine Boysclub – ‘Like A God’

7:08 Ellur – ‘Moments

10:01 Wass – ‘Really, Really Do’

13:08 Make Friends – ‘Safe to Say’

17:02 girlhouse – ‘concussion’

21:36 Aodhan – ‘Twelve Again’

24:20 Snowbank – ‘Rats’

28:01 Betcha – ‘GREY SKIES’

30:47 Banji – ‘TalkieWalkie’

33:35 Some Sprouts – ‘Aloe Vera (Clear My Mind)’

36:18 Michael Barrow & The Tourists – ‘Show Me Your Love’

39:27 Tommy Lefroy – ‘Knievel’

42:29 SPINN – ‘Stargazing’

46:03 Lawson Hull – ’Girl’

49:48 Castlecomer – ’Do It (Better In Colour)’

53:46 HAWKE THE BAND – ‘Did You Know?’

57:27 Alex Partridge – ‘Can You Remind Me?’

1:00:47 The Islas – ‘Still Coming On’

1:04:49 KidEyes – ‘First Day’

1:08:44 Emily Lloyd – ‘Rayland Baxter’

1:11:47 Elijah Mann – ’Without My Breath

1:16:24 Tribe Friday – ‘forward is the way out’

1:19:01 Wild Love – ‘I Hate That I Need You’

1:21:41 Cinders – ‘Crashes and Crumbles’

1:25:10 Aaron Joseph Russo – ‘Fruit Sandwich’

1:29:35 The Sadderdays – ‘Under the Stars’

1:34:35 Coastal Kind – ‘Come Away, Come Along’

📷 PHOTO CREDIT: @tobymacthomann

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20 thoughts on “IndieRockAlternative Compilation – October 2021 1½-Hour Playlist

  1. Here’s your fresh delivery of new indie/alt/rock music! This truckload of tunes has been handpicked with a mix of dreamy and dancy tracks to give you the best vibes for October 2021. Let us know your favourites and much love! Alex & Beth x 🛻🎃
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  2. thank you for including “fruit sandwich” (1:25:10) in this amazing compilation! hope you all have an amazing day <3

  3. This one goes out to all my friends out there in the Instagram world that are dealing with something right now. I know things can be really tough at times, sometimes I’m sure it becomes unbearable and you feel like giving up and there’s no winning. Just know that I BELIEVE IN YOU! You are TOUGHT! We are TOGETHER. 🔆🌿

  4. Only October 4th and already a 2nd October Playlist?! 😍👏🏼 thank you!🧡

  5. Being in Bucharest, as the temperature drops, seeing all the leaves on the ground and seeing people wearing their winter jackets, makes me happy. Im an autumn guy i guess haha. Thanks for this compilation Alex and Beth!!

  6. The wise turtle 🐢 once said, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.❤🙏❤???

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