Rock n Roll Blues For Ol’ School Grooves

I’m an old blues man
I think you’ll understand
Been singing the blues
Ever since the world began

18 thoughts on “Rock n Roll Blues For Ol’ School Grooves

  1. There are not too many Blues compilations I really like, only because they are not usually the type of selections I would choose for myself, but this, THIS is right in my wheelhouse and was a massive hit at the weekend BBQ. We…got…hammered and greasy, and this was the catalyst. Kudos.

  2. live music in a smoking bar with a glass of beer in the hand. That was living

  3. As a toddler I loved police cars.
    Therefore I’d love police chases in films.
    Therefore I was advised to watch Blues Brothers (and it’s attempt at a sequel).
    Therefore I fell in love with the genre, sub genres and first cousins of Blues.

    Les Zeppelin was actually the music I grew up on but I wanted to learn more about what influenced them. Turns out it was most things from 30’s-60’s, including similar music on this β€œvideo”.

    Thank you so much for uploading this. Gets me in the mood to grab my Harley out, hit a bar and order one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

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