SEVENTEEN 세븐틴 ‘_WORLD’ Official MV

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘_WORLD’ Official MV

Director|Oui Kim
Producer|Yeonjin Kim
1st AD|Huiwon Song
2nd AD|Hojin Choi

Director of Photography|EumKo
Focus Puller|Youngwoo Lee, Kwangsu Lee
2nd AC|Eunil Lee
DIT|Yuntae Ko
3rd AC|Donghyun Lee

Jimmy jib|Dongjin Lee (jimmyjib_motion)
1st Assistant|Jiyong Lee
2nd Assistant|Jeonghyun Yoo
3rd Assistan|Sungeum Jung

Gaffer|Taekwan Lee
Crew|Sunghoon Moon, Jaedon Hwang, Jinuk An, Shinhyun Ho, Hyunjin Park, Soyoung Lee, Junho Park

Art team|Mole
Art Director|Heeju Park, Insol Yun
Art team|Yunah Kim, Jongmin Kang, Chan Park, Jiseong Moon, Sumin Bang, Minwoo Park

Show Light|Jshow company

SFX|Kyoungsoo Park (JUST)
SFX Supervisor|Changsok Kim, Dongho Lee
SFX Technician|Yeongung Choe, Chanmin Lee, Taesick Seol, Hyun Ahn, Minjun Choi, Dongyun Lee

VFX Supervisior|Daeyoung Byun
2D Composite Lead|Ayoung Lee
2D Composite Artist|Youngjun Ko, Cheayoung Kim
Fx Artist|Hyeju Kang, Geoyoung You
Project Manager|Seoyun Kim

Colorist|Jiyun Yeom
DI Crew|Somi Na, Suhyeon Bae, Mirim Lee, Jiwon Seo
DI Producer|Onew Kim


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20 thoughts on “SEVENTEEN 세븐틴 ‘_WORLD’ Official MV

  1. i’m always so proud for SEVENTEEN. they always give us such nice songs that can comfort and make us happy. thank you, SEVENTEEN! 대박나자~

  2. みんなかっこいいけどジュンがイケイケ爆発してる✨

  3. Won’t let you down
    Won’t let you down
    Come to me
    In my,in my,in my new world

    Me in inside: Yes i’m already in your world^^

  4. สมกับที่รอคอย ปลื้มใจมากกกก

  5. I felt like being caught smilling when mingyu part “don’t just laugh” come out. Haha since i was smilling from the start of the mv

  6. Esta canción no saldrá de mi mente por micho tiempo. Estoy tan orgullosa de todo lo que han logrado

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