TEMPERANCE – Breaking The Rules Of Heavy Metal Official Video | Napalm Records

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Michele Guaitoli (vocals, piano) on the new single:
“If there is one thing that makes Temperance unique on the scene, is that we just don’t care about any commercial rule. We write our music for how we like it. We don’t ask ourselves “will this work?” We don’t question our songwriting putting it in relation of the market.
This attitude is the same that we have when it comes to accepting limits: we don’t accept the idea of having limits. We are here to break the rules. Why just one singer? Let’s have three. Why just a style? Let’s play many. If we want something, we fight for it even if we need to break the rules of a certain scheme. What about heavy metal? Does it have rules? Does it have a scheme? If yes, we’re here to break it.”

20 thoughts on “TEMPERANCE – Breaking The Rules Of Heavy Metal Official Video | Napalm Records

  1. The rules of Heavy Metal have been messed up and somebody forgot where it was, so now mostly the rules of the music industry apply

  2. А чё? Мне понДравилось) Привет из Тагила! Италия – чемпик!!!

  3. OMG!!! This is so good!!! That heavy sound from the begining (that riff is very In Flames!) I need to look at the lyrics cause this is a heavy tongue twister!!! Hahaha very very nice tune! Can’t wait for the album! Congrats you all! 😀

  4. Grandi Ragazzi…più vi ascolto …più vi adoro….siete uno SPETTACOLO…..ORGOGLIO METALLICO ITALIANO 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  5. Oh god, how I love this band!!! This is brilliant!!! Can`t wait for upcoming album!!!

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