Top 10 METAL Music Videos Of All Time

I know that on this channel I spend a lot of time poking-fun at/being cynical towards things, so I thought I’d take a break from that today and take some time to actually appreciate some genuinely great works of art for a change! For this video I researched what I believe are 10 of the greatest Metal music videos ever made, taking into consideration both community consensus and my own personal tastes. What do you think of my picks? Agree or disagree?? Let me know in the comments! 🤘

0:00 Intro
1:36 Best Animated Videos
3:53 Best Comedic Videos
6:06 Best Emotional Videos
8:52 Best Shocking Videos
10:39 Best High Production Value Videos
12:32 Outro/Honorable Mentions

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 METAL Music Videos Of All Time

  1. Another two honorable mentions: Sleep token – Alkaline (the Darth Vader energy of vessel is just completly over the top) and Suicide Silence – You only live once (All the members getting shot looks pretty metal to me)

  2. In the shocking area I recomend Blasphemian of Infant Annihilator, damn that shit is brutal

  3. 4.55 if i don’t get wrong, behind Candlemass’s vocalist Marcolin there’s the legendary Mayhem’s vocalist Dead when he didn’t join yet the famous norwegian band.

  4. The Bewitched video also has Dead in it, as in Per Yngve Ohlin. If that doesn’t make it legendary, nothing does.

  5. Actually Megadeth – The Threat Is Real is not bad animated video
    PS: Bradley is seriously lmao

  6. for me it was a close one for high value production with bismarck by sabaton, the visuals are really great in my opinion

  7. Bradley actually being serious makes things so weird but it’s still great content, hope we’ll see more of it soon !

  8. septicflesh has some really excellent production value videos lately…make sure to check em out too

  9. How was Korn’s Freak on a leash not included?

    One of the best music videos of any genre ever

  10. Nekrogoblikon’s video for No One Survives! Our first proper introduction to Jon Goblikon…and it has Kayden Kross in it

  11. My favorite COMEDY video: The Black Satans – Satans Of Hell It is the same idea as the Bewitched video

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